French Recipes

I've always wanted to make this but don't have a Dutch oven and always seemed pressed for time. It is just such a warm heavy and comforting dish on cold winter nights so I thought I'd give it a try making it a quick and easy way. Turned out delicious! I served it over mashed potatoes as the sauce is a perfect gravy.
Bugnes are a doughnut-like pastry sprinkled with icing sugar that hail from Lyon. They're essential to Mardi Gras! A tradition that I never forget... making bugnes! I have loved them since I was a kid. My mother's bugnes (and now mine) have a little bit of lemon for a unique taste. Sprinkle with icing sugar before serving.
This dish made with chicken kielbasa and potatoes takes its inspiration from the famous fish stew of the South of France and contains all the classic seasonings including saffron. An expensive spice saffron is essential to this dish. The best comes from Spain. I've also added a little tarragon at the end. Although not absolutely necessary tarragon has a slight anise taste that complements the other seasonings. To reinforce its flavor I add a splash of Pernod® or Ricard® at the last minute although this ingredient is optional too.