Indian Recipes

I learned This dish from my mother and I am eternally grateful for everything she taught me..actually I am a brinjal hater before and I never wanted to taste this ever in my life. Years passed and after my marriage I wanted to try this for my darling and I made it as per my umma's instructions. It was a hit dish and everyone loved it in my family. When I tasted it I really loved the flavor and taste and wanted to share it here. The main highlight of this dish is mainly sour taste of tamarind. If you are looking for quick south Indian meal ideas this could be one of the choices.
I was looking for a way to use spices that help with health such as turmeric cinnamon and cardamom pods but I had spaghetti. So I made up this recipe. My family really enjoyed it. It's kind of a blend of the Indian recipes I've tried recently and regular spaghetti. My husband thought it might taste good with chicken added.