Salad Recipes

We served this at our twin daughters' graduation open house. Since that time it is our most requested pasta salad. My daughters will make batches of this to take back to college to share with their friends. Scale back the salt and MSG if it suits your tastes or needs but in this recipe the amounts listed blend in very nicely.
Chickpea fusilli is tossed with marinated vegetables and cheese then dressed in a fresh herb pesto to create a hearty pasta salad to serve at your next potluck. The oils and vinegar in the marinated ingredients helps create a savory dressing. This vegetarian meal can also be served in small quantities for a fun appetizer at your next get-together.
This has been made by my family for years; not sure where it came from. Great for cookouts or picnics since there is no mayo. Best if made the day before to let flavors blend. Serve with your favorite chicken pork or beef as a refreshing side dish. You can substitute red yellow or orange peppers for the green to add extra color to this dish.